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    santashi wrote:
    Darknight wrote:
    MCV wrote:
    15 of these jobs have been lost from its Basingstoke head office with the rest coming from its stores.
    WTF? Admittedly I don't know how many people work in the Game HO, but that seems a remarkably low number compared to the losses for the staff in stores.
    I presume it works out better for them to close the shops as they then have fewer wages and less rent to pay? Mind you, for all I know there were 16 people in head office. ;)

    Edit for emoticon in case people thought I actually meant that.
    True. It's probably just the way I'm reading it that makes me think that a lot of completely ineffective managers are going to keep a job once this is all over, and it's the staff on the street that are going to suffer. I'm probably completely wrong though.
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