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    ryohazuki1983 wrote:
    Hi, I would appreciate some help.

    I had an iPhone 4s - downloaded numerous apps/songs - Lost it.
    The laptop I backed up the phone with died on me.

    So I've got a new iPhone (old model) and a new laptop, how can I transfer my purchases onto the new iPhone, I can't seem to find a way, all google suggests is backing up then restoring, but as stated above I've not got the original laptop anymore.

    As long as you are logged in as your iTunes user on the phone you can just go into the AppStore on your phone and re-download anything you've already purchased.

    In fact, if you click on the Updates tab of the AppStore App there is a link at the top that says Purchased, this will link to all the apps you've already bought.

    There is also a Purchased tab at the bottom of the iTunes App showing all the songs you've purchased.

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