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    speedofthepuma wrote:
    kalel wrote:
    I think they've slightly shot themselves in the foot by releasing the 4S last year. People were wanting a big leap at the time, but didn't get it, but the promise from Apple seemed to be "oooooh you just wait till you see the iphone 5 - that's the big leap, the 4S is just a taster" kind of thing.

    So for the 5 to actually be a very slight leap again is disappointing. I was really expecting something quite different.
    Absolutely agree. Apple would be losing me if I wasn't so horribly locked in there is no hope for me now.
    But what "BIG" change/leap could they ever make, for the most part the reason the iPhone is so popular is that it's so simple to use., Much like the iPad and all the other Apple products (for the most Part) people like that and Apple can't change that formula to much.

    And that said, what "Big" changes could Samsung ever make to the Galaxy range?

    It's a screen that's ~4-5" and a handset that has to fit in your hands. Where can they possibly go from here? What can we expect them to do now?

    I think someone mentioned it a couple of pages back. It's all "Plateaued"...

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