#1953027, By abacabb Differences in newer 360's compared to first models released

  • abacabb 10 Jan 2007 14:08:30 25 posts
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    I know I read somewhere about the disk drive being changed (now made by samsung, originally by hitachi if my lazy memory serves me well), but does anyone know any other differences? My brother got a 360 this christmas and i've actually noticed something that's BETTER about my early version (early adaptors brace yourself NOT to be disappointed)... The HDD is shinier!
    Yeah I said it. Mine is a kind of metallic grey colour, made in singapore. My brother's is the same dull grey you find when you buy the HDD seperately, and his is made in korea.
    (Before you ask, both our consoles are premium)
    So there ya go, all this talk and speculation about a 360v2 and early adaptors getting screwed over - who would have thought we'd have a much prettier HDD!

    If this is old news sorry, I searched the forums for a similar discussion... and generally i'm a late bloomer.
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