#1959602, By tannerd Your worst shag?

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    Fat Boy wrote:
    Not bad as such, but hopefully it'll make you stony faced gits laugh, so let's try.

    I'm at the housewarming party of a friend of mines older sister. I was only 18 at the time, she was 28, we get pissed and go to bed. I am fucking overjoyed. This, I am thinking, is the single best thing that has happened to anyone ever. We get down to it and it's ticking every one of my horny teenager shag boxes, she's great, and because I'm pissed I'm doing a pretty good job of not ejaculating.

    So, I'm giving her one behind, contemplating whether I can get away with slipping a finger up her arse, when my friend (her brother remember) decides it's time to announce the fact that he's crept in by bellowing in my ear in an absolutely perfect Alan Partridge voice "SMELL MY CHEESE YOU MOTHER!" before casually walking out.

    Funnily enough, it was quite easy not to ejaculate after that.

    That is fucking brilliant! I've got tears running down my face now....
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