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    SgtFrog wrote:
    The Storm; NCSX.com are reliable (myself and others ordered from there) and will adjust the price so you pay less, but short of going the ebay route I don't see you getting one customs free because even the retards in our customs service are not going to believe 8kg of electronics is worth $30....

    I've got a Jap PS3 and the UK remote works on it, it's Bluetooth so a universal standard.


    Are there any other sources where I can get the a US ps3?
    The main reason for going for a US/Jap ps3 is because
    I want to be able to play blue ray discs that are cheaper and of more varierty abroad. the Uk region discs are expensive and there doesn't seem to enough of them.

    If i do buy a US/jap ps3 will there be any comflict between the ps3 online service and game play? Can you think of any other conflicts?

    - storm
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