#1965469, By major_tom 32" HD LCD Bargaintastic!

  • major_tom 14 Jan 2007 17:21:48 134 posts
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    Bear in mind that contrast and brightness on this thing are probably a wee bit substandard. There's no industry standard per se for measuring these things (same with response time - is it GTG or BTB?), so alot of manufacturers are very creative about how they define black/white levels and such. I've been burned buying cheap-but-big panels before (especially when I was a cash-strapped student). You get what you pay for, unfortunately.

    It's probably a perfectly serviceable TV, but don't expect Samsung/Sharp levels of picture vibrancy, especially not over the VGA cable, which always produces an annoyingly washed out picture (that's the 360's fault, though, to be fair, but it will make failings in the TV more painfully apparent. I'd use component).

    I could be completely wrong, though, so meh.
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