#1971367, By minkyqueen My next door neighbour is seriously getting annoying now

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    Muscians NEED to practice. It's not selfish!?! WTF. Drums are loud, no one can help that. I have bought silencer pads, thinking of him, which I sometimes put on- but these are useless when trying to learn something new because they dull the sound out 90% They are more used for technique than anything else. I play drums, it's not selfish.

    Well, you can argue that you are being selfish not playing in a properly soundproofed environment.

    Also, whoever said you're not breaking a law might be wrong, it all depends on the decibel level next door, again depending on your soundproofing. If I was your neighbour I'd set the council on you :)

    I'm only 18, I'm a college student, taking a year out until September. At 18, I can't afford soundproofing of a room my size? Come on.

    If you can afford a god damn drum kit, you can afford sound proofing.

    It's like saying you can afford a car but you can't afford road tax.

    Can't do the time, don't do the crime!
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