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    Will someone count how many times I've been called a twat or a cunt in this thread please. It's amazing isn't it...just because I play drums makes me an idiot.
    I can't afford to rent somewhere out too, realistically. I save for education and that. Have you any idea how much higher education costs these days?

    What including the 5,000 you can claim free each year off the Student Loan Company... which you don't even need to start paying back until you're earning 10,000 - 15,000+ a year, and even then the amount you have to pay back isn't a great deal.

    Most students are in debt dude...for a reason.

    I'm sure. But being in debt to the Student Loan Company (The Government) isn't like proper debt, is it? It's not even like you have to start paying it back until you're working.

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    He's right.

    de-rail attack: Cheapest form of borrowing out there. Martin's Money Tips recommends taking out a student loan even if you don't need one, and investing it into a mini cash ISA. You will actually make money by the time you graduate and pay off the entire debt.
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