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    So what's wrong with hiring a practice space? You can't really play the "I'm saving for my education" card when it'll only cost 10-20 for a couple of hours. Even less if you get some mates and practice together. Mouse practices once a week and that does him just fine! There's not really a need to practice for 3 hours every single day.

    That's like saying I can't basically ever use my kit at home. A kit can't just be moved from A to B like that you know. It takes hours to fully construct properly, esp if you have to tune the drums.

    Don't lecture me on moving a drum kit, I help mouse lug his to practice and gigs up to 4 times a week :)

    If you ever do form a band, do you think everyone will have to come to gigs in your house because you can't be arsed to move your kit?

    Fair weather drummer. I reckon you'll give it up by the end of the year.

    God you jump the gun so much. It takes a while. Took me a few hours to construct my kit (inc tuning) but if you're not tuning it doesn't take aslong.

    If I was at a gig ofcourse I would move it, But I'm not moving it 5 times a week just to practice. I haven't got an effing van you know.

    You don't need to practice 5 times a week. You don't need a van either. Full sized kit including padded bags can fit in any sized car. Kick drum in the boot and any others on the back seat.

    You really didn't think about the bigger picture when Santa brought you this kit eh?
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