#1974913, By NeoGoaT Sony listens to concerns and revises European price...

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    Is it officially the most expensive console ever now then? Or was Neo Geo still most expensive?
    (Sorry, I'm a bit clueless about console launch prices, never could afford one a t full launch price)
    Neo Geo still ROMPS it iirc
    Difference was: NeoGeo was always aimed at hobbyists and arcade enthusiasts (always a niche market), whereas PS3 is *supposed* to be aimed at home entertainment.

    Things to consider with the new price: VAT in the UK at 17.5%, and could this price hike be so they can try to control demand AND lower it a bit later to make it look better...?

    According to wiki the Neo launched at $650. That included 2 arcade sticks and a game worth $150 though. Bit of a bargain really.
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