#5449398, By Coughthulu Dragon Age - Bioware's Spiritual Successor to Baldurs Gate

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    Darren wrote:
    Coughthulu wrote:
    I'm also worried I should have ordered the PC version considering all the comments and reviews. :(

    If you have a PC capable of running the game then why did you order the console version? I mean it costs an extra 15 for starters, has screen tearing and weaker visuals, clumsier controls, a limited user interface without all the keyboard shortcuts and lacks the more tactical isometric overhead view.

    Because I didn't know the camera views were limited to third person until the start of this week on console, and TBH I've reached the age where I prefer being slumped on the sofa playing with a controller and using the big old HD tele instead of sitting upstairs in the study.

    Also because I use a Mac and although it's fine for most things, it's now three years old and demos of the latest PC titles under Bootcamp/Win7 have made it creak like hell.

    Think I've given both of the usual answers, too. :)
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