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    I like the game but the fact that you need to spam potions so often just shows that the design is a little lacking in innovation. This lack of innovation is painfully obvious in the quests which come in an extremely limited number of types. Despite all that it's still a good game but they really need to show more ambition with the next game. And mages are too powerful.
    Yeah, I'd pretty much agree with all of that.

    I've enjoyed it so far, but there's a lot that could be done to improve it.

    I used about 20 or 30 potions total throughhout the game. They aren't really needed outside of a few boss battles here and there, unless you suck at the game.

    I disagree. If you play on Easy or Normal, that might be true but on Hard even with a healer you still need potions as the Heal spell is pretty ineffective if you have 300+ hit-points. But ignore the issue and insult people who disagree with your narrow viewpoint if it makes you feel better.

    Well if you are moaning about having to use potions all the time maybe you should play on normal rather than hard. Normal is how the game is meant (by thge designers) to be played and playing in normal I have hardly had to use any health potions; certainly don'r need to spam them
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