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    AngeleDei wrote:
    steve1979 wrote:
    going to start again as a rogue. Loved playing as the badass Dwarf Noble. Any advice on what specialisations to take? i quite like ranger, but can't decide on assassin or duelist. Also as duel daggers isn't working properly, it is worth using the duel wield?

    There is a patch to fix the daggers bug now. In fact there are two. One which sorts out melee and ranged weapons and one which sorts outs just the melee issue. I have a dual weilding rogue (with leliana spec'd as archer) and its working pretty well. I've done 40% of all damage in the party and even with taunt and threat Alistair cant get agro. With stuff like momentum and backstabbing and whirlwind you're a bit unstoppable (especially if Morrigan Sleeps everyone and you then decimate them 1 by 1).

    I went for duelist I think myself. It seemed to have more perks that I'd actually use. Least I think I did. It was the one with the "identify weakness" skill as the first. That said, i'll be going duelist / assassin as ranger seems a bit "meh"

    Any idea where the melee only patch is; I can find the dex hotfix which does daggers and bows but not that one
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