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    ManicMinerUK wrote:
    blizeH wrote:
    "That's why all indian girls are skinny, they undercook everything and then they get sick when they eat it, so they lose weight all the time"
    "Do they all eat with their hands in India? Or is that China?"
    More absolute stupidity than racism surely?

    "Do you live in a house, or a hut?"
    To which she should of replied "a palace" and shut her the hell up.

    It's just a bunch of rough, scummy idiots being jealous of someone with a bit of class, whether it's genuine racism I'm not sure.

    I'm fascinated now.. what is this "genuine racism" to which you refer? Can I be racist as long as I don't really mean it? Or do I have to purchase some kind of faux-racism to use instead?

    Well look at it this way, Jade really is thick, and if she doesn't know which country it is where you'll find people eating with their hands, then the only way she'll find out is to ask. She isn't being genuine/maliciously racist, but she is revealing her own ignorance, which is something quite different.
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