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    I'd never experienced the joys of having a partner who was a gamer till the last year, and its been a joy!

    No longer do I fit the odd bit of gaming in around the times I'm alone or I've stored up enough brownie points to be forgiven vanishing off to play games... Now when she says 'Why don't you go any play WoW for a bit' I know thats her secret code for 'I want to play Sims2 so why don't you come and play something too' which has proven to be a revelation!

    She loves adventure games (CSI, all Lucasarts classics, Police & Space Quest, Farenheit etc etc) any kind of Sim's or Tycoon style game and she's just created her first WoW character after being an original Everquest'er a few years ago. Not to mention any SingStar game and although she, by her own admission, lacks the hand eye co-ordination for action and driving games, she will still have a bash at them two player now and then if the mood takes her.

    And yes, to keep it on topic, I have bought her games, but more often than not she either has bought her own or played mine...

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