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    Mr Harvest wrote:
    What worries me is that the demo seems incredibly easy. Even at the toughest setting the gangsters are just no match for you.
    Bear in mind the accelerated skill progression in the demo - you won't level up skills so fast in the full game. On the hardest difficulty setting (Psychotic), Scurrminator and I still found we were dying if we just waded in and didn't keep an eye on our health. Snipers and shotgun enemies where especially dangerous - so when we were taking out the guy on the beach at the back of thehealth club we'd circuit the cliffs first to take out the snipers.

    I guess it's all going to depend on how well-balanced the levelling up is in the full game - while I find the demo is awesome fun, if it's far too hard to level up skills in the full game it could be a problem, but given how fun I've found the demo I have faith that the devs have balanced the game nicely.

    PS - also bear in mind the demo is the first of 4 islands is it? Where each island gets tougher. So if you find the first island too easy, you could always skip it and go take on the tougher enemies on the other islands instead.
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