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    Pikmin has just sprung to mind. I freakin' loved Pikmin. Mario Kart Double Dash was my first driving game since V-Rally on the PS1. I am champ at MK:DD, wipe the floor with anyone...!

    Trying her out on a range of games may prove more successful than targetting so-called "girlie" games. I was bored senseless with The Sims, and fantasy games don't interest me at all.

    see therein lies the problem, i cant imagine kirsty ever being a champion at anything, shes just not very good, even if animal crossing was competitive i think shed be useless at it.

    someone later down the thread mentioned that thier gf loves rts', well kirsty loves command and conquer red alert but ive seen her play it and all she does is set up a rediculously simple map, completely in her favour and just play it to win.

    maybe thats the crux of the problem, shes just not interested in challenge at all. is that endemic of women?

    Perhaps I'm lucky, I pick up the knack of a game quite quickly and get really good at it. But equally, there are really popular games that I would rather watch someone play than have a go myself. Hitman for example.
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