#1994908, By major_tom Ways to get lots of cash on Oblivion?

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    I never really got much benefit from selling items as my mercantile skill is shit. I can only get a max of 1,200 on items. My character is a decent one overall though, so it could have been far worse.

    Create a buff mercantile spell that gives you a massive boost but only for two seconds so it's super cheap to cast.

    Cast the spell in front of the shopkeeper and talk to him right away, and you get all the advantages of someone with a master mercantile stat.

    Didn't know this could be done thanks. I remember I tried an absorb mercantile skill and it was taken as an attack against the NPC. So what spell shuold I create exactly? Thanks.

    There was a chucklesome SomethingAwful article done about Oblivion where they 'interviewed' a shopkeeper in the imperial city, and he kept bitching about some dick who kept coming into his store, then there'd be a flash of green light and suddenly the merchant would find himself buying loads of useless crap against his will.

    It was bankrupting him, apparently. Hilarious.
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