#1995361, By jaffacake The Biggest Bollocking you've ever received...

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    Owen-B wrote:
    My dad once went fucking NUTS at me because the neighbours cleaning lady had passed us in the bit outside where we lived (which was a culk-de-sac sort of area) and me and my brother hadn't bothered to say hello to her and the aforementioned terribly-well-to-do neighbours had heard about this from the cleaning lady (bitch) and had told my parents that we really shpould have some manners and my dad just went NUTS, was screaming at me demanding to know WHYYYY we hadn't, and I had no idea, I just couldn't be arsed saying hello to her, and he wasnb't satisfied that this was a n answer and in exasperation he was fucking grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me around.

    I was shagging our cleaner...what WOULD your dad have said?
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