#173214, By Crispy Oh Look Halo Deluxe with Live play (reportedly) to be releases on Nov 15th

  • Crispy 12 Nov 2003 09:29:21 58 posts
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    templar wizard wrote:
    i look like a tit? (now its a cunt. shouldnt you be in class, as opposed to writing garbage?)

    excuse me sonny, but i am not the one who thinks a 'deluxe' version of a book is one with better written paragraphs.

    as one wonderfull retard once wrote in the comments sction of this forum:

    'go back to fucking McDonalds'

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    awwwww...your breaking my heart. Did i touch a nerve?

    I expressed my initial views, you responded in a completely rude and arrogant way.

    'better written paragraphs' LOL...can't remember saying that, but thanks for breaking it down to the 10yr old Eurogamer forum viewers.

    Anyways, the world awaits your 'Halo Deluxe'. LOL you really are a delusional tit.

    Edited by Crispy at 09:32:40 12-11-2003
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