#2003012, By Orchid Xbox Live?

  • Orchid 28 Jan 2007 16:34:39 45 posts
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    Given the price of playstation 3, and the persistent rumours that metal gear solid 4 will be released on the 360 box. my loyality to playstation over the past 8/9 years is wavering, to say the least. well that and the fact that they pretty much share all their games, bar a select few. so why pay 425 when you can get something which is basically the same? only much cheaper

    that said, this xbox live thing. what's so good about it? or is it just another case of borderline xbox fan-boyism that this site is incredible guilty of.

    may i add, the massive amount of borderline xbox fan-boyism and general hate that is thrown towards sony is the reason i dont post more. its fucking annoying! and no, im not a playstation fan-boy either.

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