#2004101, By djchump Ebay sniping. Good use of technology, or scumsucking barstewards?

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    boo wrote:
    It's just me then...

    Bloody technology.
    Well, like Pirotic said, if you set your max bid to your actual max, then if someone outbids you it's fair play as they're willing to pay more than you, even if that bid comes in the last second. If you set your max bid and it's higher than the sniper wants to pay, you will still outbid and win the auction.

    If you get outbid with 2 days to go, or 3 seconds left, the only difference is the amount of time you have to mull over whether you *really* want that item and if you're willing to start paying more than you originally intended - which is how silly money starts to get paid for collectors/rare items. But TBH, I think this is dangerous and getting carried away and paying over the odds, only to later regret it is probably more annoying than just getting sniped.
    Just set your max bid and if you win, you win, if you lose, you lose. Such is life.
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