#9220499, By Nemesis What are your pet hates?

  • Nemesis 11 Dec 2012 20:03:46 19,373 posts
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    gman7714 wrote:
    Fuckwits that pull out of a turning causing everyone to have to slow down only for them to stop completely and fucking park up. Wait until the road is clear you fucking twats!!!!!!!!
    •sigh• or take the next exit.

    Some fuckwit pulled out from the kerb and blocked my side of the road to join the opposite lane. Fair enough, if it's a bit busy and all that.

    However.....there was nothing behind me and the opposite lane traffic was about 20 cars plus. So you couldn't wait for me to go past first before going ? I'll sit here shall I, whilst there's still nothing behind me? It wasn't like I had anywhere important to get to, you take your fucking time. You just assumed I wouldn't mind.

    I went around him and called him a cunt, but did feel slightly bad for doing it.
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