#2005594, By djchump 185 to get my 2nd Broken 360 up and running again...

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    Hypnopedia wrote:
    ...Purchased my original 360 in December, however that bit the bullet in June whereupon it was returned to me (very speedily to their credit).
    I had asked the guy on the end of the phone if my warranty would be "Reset" to 12 months, and he said yes if they send out a different console - they did - so I thought I was safe.

    However this 2nd console has just bitten the bullet and I've just been told that that was not true....
    If they told you something then surely they should honour that? If they are claiming they won't, kick up a stink, write formal *letters* (not emails, actual paper letters) to their complaints department, get in touch with trading standard and any other governing bodies you think may be applicable and probably fire off an email to Watchdog and maybe smoe Xbox360 magazines as well. Make sure in your letter to Microsoft customer relations you're polite but indignant they fix the problem, and make clear exactly who you are getting involved - trading standard, Watchdog etc.

    I'm pretty sure they'll just fix it if you start kicking up a fuss.
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