#2021710, By LaundroMat Whats the current closest contender to the ipods throne?

  • LaundroMat 7 Feb 2007 07:58:14 1,443 posts
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    I had a good look around, and I'm still undecided between the iPod, the Creative and the iAudio. (Btw, I want tens of gigs, but not a PMP)

    iAudio X5:
    + best sound
    + reads most formats
    - that silly joystick
    - screen and gui are a bit meh

    Creative Vision M:
    + best screen
    + more 'open' than iPod
    + no need to convert video to 320*240 (great for TV)
    - I'm not too fond of the controls...

    + best design
    + best controls
    - locked-in
    - video's not that great
    - higher price

    Incidentaly, has anyone tried Rockbox?
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