#2046773, By bystander God of War - Challenge of the Gods

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    boabg wrote:
    That doesn't look all that difficult tbh.

    I don't remember doing any of these so I might drag it out and do them tonight.

    The last challenge is real pain comparatively as Killerbee pointed out that you've only got limited space to combat them.

    The Satyrs are pretty good at blocking the majority of your attacks, and their attacks can push you back some distance as well. Add to that three little cerberus dogs, and you've got to be very careful to ensure you don't get knocked off.

    I tried the Challenges and got to the last level without too many problems, but then I must've spent about an hour and a half trying to beat that last one and never managed it. Killing the baddies wasn't the problem - it was staying on the chuffing platform.

    It is infruriating, until you find the right strategy and a decent amount of luck, it's all too easy to get knocked off (as I almost did in the video). It took me about two hours to beat it that challenge.
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