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    JediMasterMalik wrote:

    Edit - Got to the tenth, how the fuck is anyone supposed to do this?!?!

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    With a great deal of patience and luck. For my youtube video it took me around 60 attempts to try and get it done. Even in that video I almost get knocked off a couple of times (once even with rage of the gods!).

    The thing I found was that staying in the air meant that you tended to avoid most of the satyrs attacks (which unless you're standing on the middle of the platform tends to knock you off).

    The L1 + O attack leaves you vulnerable for too long, so you can't really use that, so what I found was that the L1 + X attack in the air was the most effective. Also having Rage of the gods is very handy as well (especially when the platform's near the top).
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