#7517171, By Hypatiently Louis Theroux - New Show on BBC 2

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    Really horrible stuff. I was surprised as well about the length of time they were incarcerated while awaiting trial. The cynic in me says that with the litany of prior charges and convictions most of the people that were interviewed seemed to have, this was just a way to keep them away from the public for as long as possible. I suspect a "if they kill each other, who cares. One less monster for us." mentality from the people in charge.

    As for the female guards, if the men in prison prefer prison to life outside then it must be the same for the women as well. It probably pays better than most of their other legal options (if they are even available) and much safer than the illegal ones. If I had my choice I'd take an occasional chance at being 'gunned' to a daily life of prostitution.
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