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    Vice.Destroyer wrote:

    But coming to the conclusion that the female prison guards have only two options available to them, being gunned or being prostitutes is breathtakingly presumptious. I know the US is in the middle of an economic downturn, but people have got options.

    Or did I misunderstand you?

    I didn't say it was the only option. I said it was a better option than being a prostitute which is an option the same way that going to prison is. When I lived in the States and volunteered at a women's shelter it was an option I saw a lot of girls/women take because at first it seemed better than the jobs they could get in retail or fast food (low pay, who is going to watch the kids?). I'm not saying it is the only option, I'm just saying there aren't a lot of great options for people who have no money, have been poorly educated and who face prejudice in forms of racism, classism and sexism.

    If you think prostitution isn't a sadly realistic option for a lot of poor women then you are being naive.

    Apologies, I didn't mean to imply that all the men in prison wanted to be there.
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