#9510125, By The Football League Thread

  • Deleted user 17 April 2013 05:56:46
    From what little I've managed to gather about the season out here in the wilds of the Prague, Cardiff have been the stand-out team. I reckon they'll do alright in the Prem, and a Premiership Welsh derby has to be a good thing.

    I think I'm right in saying that, out of all the teams in the top six at the start of last night's games, only Cardiff and Brighton managed not to lose- is that correct? Looks like everyone is "bottling"! I'd be very surprised if we weren't in the play-offs, which I wasn't able to say even a few weeks ago; we've been very fortunate with other results going our way on (by my count) three successive match-days now. It's like the rest of the play-off contenders are inviting us in.
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