#2026719, By TheDifficult3rdAlbum PCs - do most of you have 'ninja' ones or just basic specs?

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    psychokitten wrote:
    Current rig: E6600, 2GB (matching OCZ 1GB sticks), 8800GTX, watercooled, and a Dell 2407FPW monitor.

    How's that Dell 2407FPW working out for you? I hear it is the "Nuts".

    Meanwhile, I too am stuck with AGP until I build a whole new rig based on PCIe, Dual Core, DDR2 RAM and all that crazy 21st Centuary jazz.

    So, I have in fact just today bought the Sapphire X1950 Pro 512MB for 150 on Dabs to replace my creaking 6800GT 256MB. Looks awesome. I was looking at the Gainward 7800GS GLH 512MB but it is 60 more expensive and I saw benchmarks on Firing Squad where the x1950 handed the 7800's arse back to it on a plate:- thusly. \o/

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