#2025488, By Vantre Do you believe in God?

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    Trying to argue from the scientific basis of empirical proof seems redundant as, to my understanding, religion is more a question of faith, based on an intuitive feeling. So it's almost like measuring radiation with kitchen scales (ok, it's not - but i can't think of a better analogy...)

    There seem to be a fair few religous folks here - i'd be interested if some could share their own views on just what constitutes that belief. Am I right in thinking it's not a case of believing what you've been brought up with or read, but more a case of 'feeling' that there is a god? And if so, how would you describe that feeling?

    I'm an agnostic who would have described myself as atheistic until recently. But i've realised that I don't really understand the fundamental scientific theories of the universe - and that to accept that there is no god would require as big a leap of faith in science as it would in religion for me to believe in god....

    The other thing i've been pondering is that if we believe there is no god, then where is the borderline between a mistake (religion) and delusional mental illness? (Bear with me, this genuinely isnt meant to be inflammatory...). Is it just a case of the size & history of the religion..?

    Going back to my original point (about faith being a matter of 'feeling' the presence of god), what is the difference between the beliefs of *insert religion of choice* and someone believing that they've been spoken to by their robotic, lizard overlord? If you believe there is no god, then what's the difference between a sane christian who's heard the word of the lord versus an insane David Icke? (again, sorry for the extreme examples, but hopefully the general point makes some sense!)
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