#2025620, By Vantre Do you believe in God?

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    Jeepers wrote:
    They might hold a belief that I find inexplicable, but - if it's held sincerely - then it's perfectly correct that they should hold it.

    Well that's what i'm struggling with.....If we were to accept the atheistic view that there is no god, then how do we account for someone who believes to have been spoken to by god? Does that make them delusional?

    I fully accept that physical science & religion can co-exist (in theory). The leap of faith required for science is still there - science hasn't proven that god doesnt exist. Arguably it doesn't need to, but I don't think anyone has said we have conclusive proof for no god.

    What intrigues me is that psychological aspect - there seems to be a continuum of spirituality that we mark somewhat arbitary lines of mental health on....

    ie someone who has heard the voice of god could be accepted as having good mental health, a medium 'channeling spirits' would probably be borderline whereas someone with their own personal god that they communicate with would probably generally be considered to be insane....

    I'm (probably obviously) ignorant on the science of psychology but i'm guessing it doesn't take account of spiritual phenomena, but relies on physical cause. I'm also guessing if there were no christianity and someone claimed to have spoken to a new 'Christian God', then their shrink would be a little concerned.

    So, for me, there are two questions;
    - what is the feeling which makes people believe in god?
    - how do we differentiate in psychological terms between a healthy religious belief & an unhealthy delusion?

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