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  • jmctavish 25 Jul 2008 22:05:54 809 posts
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    Bought this on impulse from Steam tonight and have to say it's the biggest pile of shite I've played in a long time. Didn't know too much about the game before apart from the massive hype and that it's not your run of the mill FPS.

    The graphics are a joke. Reminds me of half life. When I try to turn the lighting thing on it becomes unplayable even though I can comfortable run CoD4. The shitty menu and interface is straight out of the 90's. Have they ever heard of autosave? Got killed by a fucking stupid dog and assumed it would have saved after completing as mission.

    The guns are like peashooters and the general aiming and controls are guff. The baddies at the start needed at least full pistol clip to die.

    So dissapointed and can't imagine playing it again even though i'm only a few missions in.
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