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    SirScratchalot wrote:
    Beats wrote:
    SirScratchalot wrote:
    Beats wrote:
    I've been having a big sort out ready for when I move house in a few weeks' time and Iíve got the following up for swaps or sale:


    Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
    Final Fantasy III (US version)

    G'day mate... these I'd be interested in...

    What do you have for swaps for FF3? Dead Rising, or is someone else after it?

    EDIT: Just saw your list - I'd be willing to swap FF3 (I've sold RE:DS, sorry!) for either Dead Rising or Gun Showdown, if you're interested.

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    Gun Showdown is spiffy mate, I'd rather swap a portable title for a portable title if it's all the same to you.
    Sound good?

    Gun for FF3 sounds good to me! Can you email me at the address on my profile? Cheers matey!
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