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    sdrawkcabonit wrote:
    Hi I am new to this thread but have a few game to trade... I am from Ireland BTW so may cost a little bit more P&P, hopefully that wont affect trades that much!



    - The Godfather
    - Medal of Honor: Heroes
    - WipeOut Pure (US Version, Playable On All PSP's)
    - Ridge Racer (US Version, Playable On All PSP's)
    - Burnout Legends (plastic on case wrinkled, game, case and everything else fine)
    - Splinter Cell Essentials
    - Tokobot
    - Miami Vice: The Game (Promo/Review Copy, in small plastic wallet)
    - 50 Cent Bullet Proof G Unit Edition (Promo/Review Copy, Loose And Dirty, Needs A Good Home!)
    - Monster Hunter Freedom (Promo/Review Copy, in small plastic wallet)
    - Tenchu Time Of The Assassins (Promo/Review Copy in small plastic wallet)

    Any of your PSP for anything on my list (page 1)?

    EDIT: Oops! Sorry Wobbler147!

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