#2057521, By Ali The Top 20 Manliest Movies Ever

  • Ali 23 Feb 2007 13:17:59 163 posts
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    How many have you got? Don't take it as a slight on your manhood if you don't have them all, but if you haven't got all 20, you're pretty much a woman.

    20. Eddie Murphy Raw
    19. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
    18. Die Hard With A Vengeance
    17. Rambo: First Blood
    16. The Thing
    15. Hard Target
    14. A Clockwork Orange
    13. Gladiator
    12. Conan the Barbarian
    11. Miami Vice
    10. Rocky IV
    9. Under Siege
    8. Hard Boiled
    7. Wall Street
    6. The Godfather
    5. Commando
    4. Goldfinger
    3. Jaws
    2. Predator
    1. Fight Club
    Full list here

    As usual, any I've missed? Am I not as much as a man as I think I am?
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