#2063521, By major_tom GRAW2 MP demo is up now on XBLM!

  • major_tom 26 Feb 2007 21:08:17 134 posts
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    corstick wrote:
    major_tom wrote:
    have they sorted out the denerally sluggish feel to movement and aiming in MP yet?
    I'm the only person I know who has this problem, in all fairness. If it feels exactly like GRAW1 MP i'll probably pass.

    The first game felt sluggish for me too.

    Haven't had much of a chance to try out the graw2 mp demo yet but I have noticed a remarkable lack of precision with the aiming. Moving the right stick results in either medium or fast movement, no subtlety at all. Makes trying to aim a rather frustrating experience.

    Oh, so i'm not the only one then.

    I had the same problems with GRAW1 MP, namely just that aiming was a huge bitch. The absolute gold standard for smooth analog aiming is R6:V (for me).

    They seem to have fixed the sluggish player movement, too. In GRAW1 it always felt like you were 'accelerating' every time you moved, whereas movement seems a bit tighter now.

    As mainaman notes, though, they may have made player movement far too fast. I don't think there are than many soldiers that can sprint along like that in full combat gear. I'll give it a chance.
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