#2125146, By shoptosuck Anyone had problems with shopto.net?

  • shoptosuck 26 Mar 2007 12:40:47 3 posts
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    To be fair..
    Shopto do seem to be doing ok as far as customer service goes.
    However, I do not like companies who threaten any forum to remove anything negative said about them.

    Google for TSJ, or tsjhangra, and see just how many forums he has spammed for shopto. And that doesnt include all the removed posts from xbox.com etc.

    They had people on AVForums saying that it was the best site ever, and anybody who claimed to have bad service was lying etc etc. It all turned out that these userID's were coming from shopto's IP address. Complete cheats.
    So what did AVForums do... they deleted the threads and gave them sponsorship of the site.

    I dont know how Igor gets away with still running another company after the ruling?

    Friendly to the customers face yes, but friendly behind their back?? A BIG NO.

    Just best to know the facts before you part with your money. You should be ok for your goods, just make sure you pay via CC, and be aware of whether you really want to make a man rich who a) likes to lie to customers (proven on AVF), b) threatens to get his own way and c) has already whipped 1million away from the government for not paying his taxes.

    All truths... :(
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