#2125329, By shoptosuck Anyone had problems with shopto.net?

  • shoptosuck 26 Mar 2007 13:42:46 3 posts
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    My agenda is simple. I was very annoyed at how they treated us at AVF. Other people found out about the ban etc. But it was all removed. So I am just making sure its not covered up everywhere.
    I am amazed how well he manages to mute every forum going at anything negative.
    If he hadnít planted people to call other people liars (when they genuinely had a shopto problem) I wouldnít mind so much. ALL companies get problems, and its how you deal with them that counts. Calling them liars is not the way to go.
    Just call it a big bee in my bonnet.

    I donít have any ulterior motive other than hating how they operate.

    Other than that, go with whatever is cheapest on www.find-games.co.uk

    I use play, blah, hmv (who are crap most of the time), gameplay, game (occasionally), dvd.co.uk).. the list goes on J
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