#9084784, By dudewheresmybrain Anyone had problems with shopto.net?

  • dudewheresmybrain 16 Oct 2012 20:13:48 938 posts
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    jasondonervan wrote:
    dudewheresmybrain wrote:im wondering if its something to do with my account being old
    It's not - I experienced the exact same problem as you with my pre-order for Borderlands 2, and my account was quite active (well, until now). No sign of the code, so I had to phone ST (using the 'say no to 0870' method) after a weekend without the code/game, and managed to scrape a refund back. A shame that they've not bothered to fix it, seems like there are quite a few folks round these parts still being stung.
    Aw man, sounds like theyve gone downhill!

    Whats the "say no to 0870" method? Im going to have to call from my mobile at work tomorrow so any way to reduce cost would be appriciated..

    question is do i buy it somewhere else tonight or hope they sort it out tomorrow
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