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    Had an almost spooky incidence yesterday in the oasis map. I was sitting on the artillery bombing things away and it was quite a good run. But all of a sudden I was "sniped" away.

    Hm. Nothing special I thought and started to look around to find the sniper. After a while I sat back onto the Artillery thing and whoosch, was snpied again in just 2 seconds.

    Weeelll! I started to seriously run around, climbing all the hills and the barracks around the corner. I even saw two other guys doing the same, since they were sniped like me obviously.

    I almost gave up on it after I have really really carefully examined all the surroundings. No trace of any enemy at all.

    So I thought that it really was save now. And so, just because I was curious, I sat back onto the Artillery thing. And you wouldn'd belive it. This time I was sniped right the moment I was sitting. Must have been half a second or so. So the bugger must have a damn good and save spot to snipe that arty!

    Will have to try and find that spot tonight! Can't wait to do it to another poor chap. :-)

    Of course, as you all will agree, I gave a bad review to that sniper, for behaving unpleasantly. Grr.

    (Haha, just kidding. I did NOT of course...)
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