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    Oasis and Harvest Day really are the only maps I play. Hate all the others where you just jump around shooting each other brainlessly. Much too hectic for my taste. I like to develop a "slower" skill where you learn to shoot a buggy or a boat from a distance with a tank without stopping first... That is so satisfying, as soon as you learn how to do it.

    You should be able to restrict the maps you want to play in the rotation.

    What I hate as well ist that for me the Dog Tag collecting does not work in a hectic situation. It seems as if i can press the knife button as fast/as long/as short/as many times as I want - it's always reacts much too late. (But there seem to be some über-geeks that just walk calmly and every knife is an instant and stress free kill for them. very frustrating) Last night I saw a guy who had more than 900 points and was walking around knifing like a meniac.)

    Other than that: great game!

    BTW: How's the skill level computed? Does anybody know?
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