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    I just installed the latest version from the UAE website.

    I installed the app to e:\UAE

    I launched the emulator and set all the Paths to sub directories of the main install. So e:\UAE\ROMS and e:\UAE\ADF and e:\UAE\configurations (they're the only 3 you need to worry about for now.)

    Make sure you've put a kickstart rom into the rom directory.

    Put an ADF file into the ADF directory.

    Goto the "Quickstart" bit of UAE, and select A500 from the drop down (I think that's the default.) Leave it on Default Configuration (for now) Select your image file. Click on OK.

    I just did all of the above with Rick Dangerous and it worked as it should on Default, and even picked up my 360 pad thats plugged in.

    Does it work with the default config?

    Its a damn site easier these days than it was in 1997 when UAE stood for Unusable Amiga Emulator, and required god like skills with a DOS prompt.


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