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    GeeMacca wrote:
    Hunam wrote:
    I can tell you now, that if they screw Fallout 3 up, there wont be a TESV, there wont be a Bethesda left after us Fallout fanboys are done...
    So, you're, essentially, Fallout Boys?

    I went to see Fallout Boy once, as a mate had a spare ticket. Utterly shit night (I never would have predicted their success), and to top it all off I lost my glasses.

    Got contact lenses soon after that.

    Aaanyway, i'll be getting it on the PC (as long as the best mods work with it), but I can sympathise with 360 players. I mean, on the one hand it's just over 20 quid for more gameplay than you see in most other full titles (GRAW 2, anyone?), but its still just an expansion pack.

    Also, how much space is this likely to take up on the HD? I've nearly filled the bloody thing already. And they want to launch a TV service. Madness.
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