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    squarejawhero wrote:
    Dude, don't compare Burnout Paradise to GTAIV. It simply doesn't stand to reason. That's like comparing, I dunno, Dora The Explorer to Lord Of The Rings. It's a simplistic, lazy comparasion at best.

    Burnout Paradise simply doesn't have the same shit going on underneath the hood as GTAIV. It doesn't even help validate what you were saying. Sure, graphically, it's crisper, but the wealth of detail, AI, physics, lighting and so on in GTAIV is so above and beyond what's typically seen in a computer game it's not daft to make allowances for a few inconsistencies.

    edit - incidentally, if we're going to be whipping out our "nerd credentials", I'm in my thirties and work as a storyboard artist in the animation industry. Whoop-de-whoop. If someone as "jaded" as myself and as fastidious about my work and others can forge some appreciation for what GTA has done then I'm sure you could too!

    Who's comparing? I just KNEW someone would say that, it's lkike you can't mention another game (as an example of a slick playing game) without people assuming you can't see the differences. Didn't you see the part where I said *I KNOW BURNOUT ISN'T TRYING TO DO EVEN HALF AS MUCH AS GTA*

    It doesn't matter what I compare it to - ANY slick/fast/good interacting game would have been valid.

    I'm not stupid, I know they are pushing things and that is my whole point, it's like it's become and excuse for poor performance these days, i'm striving for devs to reach a balance and not fuck us over on performance/interaction just so they can hit bullet points and make great looking static pre-release shots.

    To think i'm trying to compare those games and saying 'waaah burnout can do it' is way off and insulting. I'm saying that rockstart should strive to get that good performance as a base then layer on what they can without loosing it. There are reasons many simpler games exist and that's because there are still gamers in the world who will take fast/slick experiences over bogged down jeryky worlds who 'if only they ran faster would be perfect'.

    man, sometimes I wonder how selective reading becomes part of so many people's lives. read everything and factor in you can't see my tone of voice in pure text. I like GTA, but it has big issues (and not being sold by the homeless kind either)
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