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    Bloodkult wrote:
    Don't argue with Sharpfish, he's a well known comments whinger ninja.

    That's correct, and I'm like a dog with a bone. But only because i'm right ;)

    Seriously though, there's nothing to argue here. I've already conceded the game is awesome, that the majority will love it and perhaps not even notice/give a damn about the issues.

    I just hate how on the net these days, one persons opinion (about something popular) if contary is jumped on as if there is an entire agenda to that persons POV (normally they get called fanboys which is stupid having owned and loved games for both 360, PS3 and PC)

    Also note i've played games that are not perfect (Motorstorm, Dead Rising, Uncharted, Gears of war) and loved them to death because they felt so tight/fun/sharp to play... TO PLAY do you get that last bit? Not one of them felt sloth like or had visuals that fought against your brain which was trying to immerse you.

    What you mistake for whinging is actually thinking on a much higher plane that is trying to counter the trends for over reaching concepts rather than good old fashioned solid interaction first and foremost. Interaction is decided on from both visuals and dynamics in game and when those two are sub par (aliasing, blurring, frame rates, controls) then the overall product SUFFERS. To deny that is just stupidity, or blind devotion, or in fact just not willing to think outside the box/for oneself.
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