#3267040, By sharpfish Official GTA IV thread *contains some spoilers*

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    Bloodkult wrote:
    Check out some of his amazingly long and self deluded rants on the comments if you want a laugh.

    Ok or you could just stick to reading the mass/sheep/followers comments of almost everyone else?

    No matter what I or anyone else says, not matter how many times we preface it with 'the game itself rocks' or 'it's unfortunately my problem because I just can't get over it' - folks like you (The masses/the sheep) still have to resort to insults or blind brushing away of the issues.

    And the rest of you, seriously I don't care about the name calling and what have you, i've only tried to be honest about my opinion. I think EG forums is obviously the wrong place for intelligent discussion on game technicalities. everything is too black and white around here you guys either LOVE games 100% or you hate them, there is no middle ground, no room to discuss negatives if you otherwise love a game (as I do with GTA).

    OK... Fun's over. :)
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