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    squarejawhero wrote:

    Originally your posts were ok, fine people didn't agree, but your need to constantly defend and shrill manner in doing so won't win you any friends. There's a reason why many people are against you even if they generally agree with some of your points - think about it.

    I can accept that, I would hope i'm not stupid enough to not realise my posts cause anomosity but they rarely start out as flamebait. I post in a good mood, with what I think are good intentions and then invariably some zealot jumps on it (throws the first stone if you will) I then typically react to that by laying on my so called 'facts' which people have already blocked their ears/eyes too.

    I understand people won't like me from my posts, but I wasn't trying to win popularity I was attempting to point out that I was personallly annoyed that I can't get past the scale-o-vision and low frame rates and that everyone else is actually better off because they can/choose to ignore it.

    People just turn that into me having a go of being 'superior' but it's not, it's just because I'm not biased to any game or system and see all the pros and cons. In text and without people knowing me they make assumptions, same goes for a lot of posters. Text is crap at getting over the meaning, I will be playing GTA and i'm hoping my eyes can get used to the flaws because I want to carry on enjoying it as I mostly have up until I started feeling 'sick' of the jerkyness and aliasing.

    as for 'go if you are going to go', this is a forum on the net it's not a workplace or a party or a school or a house - those social rules don't really apply here. I am going but only because i'm tired of the BS. :)
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